We all are taught basic manners when we are kids but as we grow up we tend to forget and sometimes overlook the use of basic manners which in long course of time becomes a bad habit.

Once a bad habit is formed it gets difficult to get rid of it, so it is better that we practice basic manners and etiquette all the time in our daily life.

  1. Always wish your elders.
  2. Learn to use “please”, “thank you”, “sorry” and “excuse me”.
  3. Stand up while talking to ladies and your elders.
  4. Say excuse me if you want to make way for yourself.
  5. Say sorry/excuse me after sneezing and coughing.
  6. Don’t raise your volume to prove your point.
  7. In any case never use abusive language specially if girls/children are around. (it is a crime also)
  8. Be polite as much as possible.
  9. Have, respect for your country, parents, ladies and elders.
  10. Always knock before entering any room even at home.
  11. When you make a call, introduce yourself first then ask about the person you want to speak to.
  12. Speak in low volume specially at doctor`s place, movie theatre, offices, restaurants.
  13. Don’t use people`s things without permission.
  14. While at public place speak softly on phone.
  15. Be polite to everyone even to those who are low in status to you.
  16. Always keep something to read with you don’t remain busy on your phone all the time.
  17. Don’t scratch yourself in public.
  18. Don’t put finger in nose or ears.
  19. Don’t sneeze or cough so loudly, that others get scared.
  20. First listen to others then speak.

These are few points which if kept in mind and used in day to day life, they can help you in becoming a well behaved person in society.

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