Lingua Franca Institute is the one of the best spoken English institute in Uttar Pradesh, India. It was established in 2010 and since then it has worked continuously for the students of all age groups and has become top ranking institute in the field of spoken English and personality development. The institute has been working to help the students gain their confidence and also make them a good human being.

Why Lingua Franca ONLY ?

In India English is no more a foreign language. In fact it is now known as on alternative language. A Bengali and a Tamil Communicate in English rather than in Hindi, English turns out as a ‘Bridge Language’ or LINGUA FRANCA for the people who belong to different regions Today. English is a bread winning language. The Importance of English in the career and employment is udisputed.

People often hesitate in speaking English because of fear of speaking in correct English We train our students in learn how to speak correct and fluent English in easy and simple way. It helps them to grow both in their career and in social life. Here we focus on individual student and give personal attention to each student. The lesser student teacher ratio enhances the attention of teacher towards students therefore they get equal and due attention.

We educate and empower individuals and help them in improving their quality of life through developing their soft skills like public speaking, presentation, group discussion, etc. In this process we improve their personality and infuse confidence in them.

Value of your time

At Lingua Franca Institute we understand the value of your time and how important it is for you to brush up your communication skills and personality development so that you can focus more on your core subjects and also on your professional life. That is why we have designed multi level courses based on your requirements and learning ability which targets the exact problem area and helps to solve it in shortest possible time.

Facilities at institute

The institute is situated in the heart of the city where the well equipped classes trained and highly experienced trainers help in creating an atmosphere in which you get ample opportunities to practice English, remove hesitation and get fluency in English   We also focus on inculcating a habit in students, to practice what they learn here, when they go out of the institute after finishing the course.


Exquisite : अति सुंदर Extremely Beautiful. Antonyms: Inferior, Repulsive. Synonyms: Splendid, Subtle. Example: All the world was coming to the exquisite bloom of a half-tropical country.


Word: Malign Pronunciation: /məˈlaɪn/ or muh·lain


Word: Hear it on the grapevine. Meaning: 'to hear rumors' about something or someone. Example: "I heard on the grapevine that he was being promoted, but I don't know anything further.".

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